Hello Reader!

The FMI has created a special page dedicated to the Australian Football International Cup being player in Melbourne and surrounds over 6-19 August.
All the nations ranked (with help via the doyens of the World Footy News website) and tweaked by the FMI system, and tips provided based on those ranks.
With no home ground advantages or other local influences, the tips mostly fall in favour of the better ranked teams. But looking at some of the predicted outcomes for round 1, there are some close games so it looks an exciting programme.

And the International Cup is a great thing for footy too. Of course there are those of you out there that wont be interested because the level of skill etc is not to even a state league standard. But that's not the point.
It is about bringing together the best of the fledgling local leagues from around the world and offering a chance to test their skills, learn and grow. Then those players go back game and build the game further. It will be a generational time frame before any serious challenger to an All-Australian AFL team is met, but its a journey that must start somewhere and the IC is a part of that.

And here is a tiny bit of the 2014 series.

So below are the tables for the Ladders and tips and ranking, which will be updated as the games progress.





  1. The Japan vs. India result is not correct. Here are the correct results: