Monday, 25 October 2021

NBA w2 - More and More

 Week Two of the NBA opens on Monday, and there are 53 games sceduled as below.

Week 1 run-rates were not so good, with 23 correct from 40 (57%). That said... three exacts from 40 is nice going.

Friday, 22 October 2021

NFL 07/21 - Short and Long

 Another shortened week, and still a long way to go to finish the season.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

NBA w1 - New Beginnings

Today, the 75th NBA season kicks off, and the FMI site will now provide tips, rankings and the usual etceteras to the loyal reader. All untried and untested, and not unusual.

Unlike the AFL or NFL, the NBA schedules multiple games per week, and with the same teams playing multiple times in that week. It is not easy to therefore wotk out a 'round' structure, so instead I will be load a post each week to make blogging easier. Therefore one post will have between 40 -60 tips.

As the week progressess, the match scores will be uploaded. his therefore will affect the rankings, and the following games tips as well. So while a tip posted on Monday for one team will list a margin for a Saturday game, it will change before that Staurday as that team and its opponent plays other games during the week.
Keep that in mind as you follow your team through the season with one eye on the FMI tips.