Monday, 9 January 2012

More Chicken, Colonel?

The latest update to the nonsense that is the "Fried Chicken Outlet" T20 Big Bash League for season 20111-12 (wiki). And what nonsense it is that allows 5 overs to be called an innings,

Round 6
Predictions as here...
- Hobart (1024) v Melb Stars (1000)        Hobart favourites to win by 17 runs.
- Adelaide (1003) v Syd Sixers (992)       Adelaide at home to win by 11 runs.
- Syd Thunder (998) v Perth (1010)         Perth to steal the away win by just 1 run.
- Melb Renegades (987) v Brisbane (984)    Renegades by 6 runs.

Round 5 wrap-up

Brisbane win their first, and beat the top ranked Hobart (of all teams... and yes just after I dubbed them 'verging on invincible'), in the highest scoring game of the season to date.
Perth also knock over Adelaide by a big margin which should alter both teams ratings in a big way.
The other big winner from the round were the T20 detractors, with 2 games 'rain affected', but both still considered 'matches' with 8.1 and 5.3 overs bowled.

The big movers after this round were:
       +ve change
+11: Perth, with a big win against the ranking predictor.
+8: Brisbane, gaining a first win in the upset of the round.
+8: Sixers, winning against form (and with a bit of weather help).
      -ve change  
-10: Adelaide, the collapse and 42 run loss hits hard.
-8: Thunder, with the rain affected loss... bit tough that! Might have to consider a tweak to the system for Duckworth-Lewis events.
-7: Hobart, dropped 7 points in that loss to Brisbane.

Standings after these games as here.

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