Monday, 2 April 2012

FootyMaths, Revisited

In checking some stats about this blog, a few unique terms that people had used to find the pages of the FootyMaths Institute were discovered. Some very odd Google search terms that had fascinated the Institute staff had turned up, including some seemingly un-aligned to the workings of this blog.
Being of curious minds, the boffins ran the same Google searches. Even odder still was that these terms didn't yield the humble pages you now are browsing.

Rather, one key find was two pages hidden away over at The Wooden Finger Depot.
The two pages in particular refer to...
    1.- A Power Ranking of the AFL teams at the end of season 2011, and

    2.- A review of the draw for season 2012 that ranks the teams on easiest-to-hardest draws.

Please have a look and read of those blog entries. Athough the ranking method used is different (with The Wooden Finger Depot using an ESPN-inspired method), the two systems have produced remarkably similar results.

- with thanks to @troywheatley.

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