Monday, 30 April 2012

Notes: Dockers under Lyon

The wonderful Paula on twitter has again posed an interesting question...
@PJSC84: @AFLFootyMaths another one for you. What is the difference defensively (goals against) and attacking (goals for) for Freo 2012 verse 2011?

As a Saints fan, she is thinking Ross Lyon has set them up a bit more defensively this year than Mark Harvey may have.

So lets look at 2011 and 2012 Fremantle results and try to find any difference.

First, for the whole season 2011, Fremantle had
 - Scored 254 goals 267 behinds (total 1791 points), and 
 - Conceded 314 goals 271 behinds (total 2155 points).
This works out to be (on average) 11.54 goals scored, and 14.27 goals conceded .

In the first 5 games of 2012, Fremantle have
 - Scored 57 goals 57 behinds (total 399 points), and
 - Conceded 55 goals 44 behinds (total 374 points).
This works out to be (on average) 11.40 goals scored, and 11.00 goals conceded .

A prima facie case that they are better defensively, with a small drop off offensively.

We can look in even more detail, as the 5 games that Fremantle have played so far correspond to 2011 fixtures*, as here:

In corresponding 5 games, Freo have scored slightly less (2 goals), but also restricted their opposition to less as well (13 goals).

Which, on the whole appears to show some defensive improvement at Fremantle under Ross Lyon, and further underlines Lyon's defensive coaching strategies.

* And yes of course, you can't compare apples with apples as easily as this... there are playing group, weather, morale and other factors in play that make such base comparisons only slightly more than guesswork.   

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  1. Hmm, you're right - only 5 games for comparison, but it does have the makings of a trend.