Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Round 2: Nine To Five

Not the Dolly Parton song, or even the movie of the same name, but just the number of days to complete the round.
Normal service of a 3 day football weekend returns next week!

And as a side issue, why is it that Matt Rendell* gets the boot over racist comments, but in the 21st century, in a secular country, and in a league that embraces multiculturalism and diversity...

          Why is it that we still cant play football on Good Friday!?!
          Grow up AFL!

So to the Round Two predictions...
Looking at the schedule from an independent  fans perspective, you would choose the blockbuster to be the Geelong v Hawthorn match. Another knock'em down, drag'em out encounter for the Hawks.

...Which is why the Collingwood v Richmond match gets the Saturday night slot.

That said, Geelong v Hawthorn does have Monday to itself.

Close ones of the round calculate out to be Adelaide v Bulldogs, with the 1pt margin, and the Hawks v Cats by just under the 2 goal margin.

To the predictions...

Football wreckery should be expected on the Saturday night (Pies v Tiges), as well as the Saints v Gold Coasters games.
The FootyMaths Institute will not be surprised to see a bit of this action at the MCG and Docklands after both games, in an attempt by the AFL to remove all trace of those thrashings.

Note: some data has been altered to reflect the corrections to the database, as mentioned in the 'Erratum' post.

* And I actually prepared this before the whole Mifsud-gate issue of the last 48 hours too.

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