Thursday, 12 April 2012

Round 3: The Quickening

No, no, NO!!!
Not A Highlander reference (blog officially jumped the shark!!), but merely refering to the fact that the football weekend is now only 3 days long!

So to the Round 3 predictions...
The big game of the week is the Friday night Carlton v Collingwood crunch game. As before (Slide By Slide in 2012), the Pies are going cold and need to fire up.
Carlton are slowly on the rise and this will be the first true test for them (after wins v Richmond and Brisbane).

The close one of the round that has fallen out of the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
   Richmond v Melbourne, with the 4pt margin!

To the predictions...

Other games to look out for...
Well, other than the Bulldogs v Saints, there is little to hang your hat on for close ones.

The GWS v WCE game wil be interesting as it:
- is the debut game at Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney, and
- it introduces the 41st venue to VFL / AFL football (after the 40th venue, Bellerive, was used last week), and,
- The Eagles are in such good form the it may also be the LAST time Blacktown hosts a game (as another footballing massacre is on the cards).
Note: some data has been altered to reflect the corrections to the database, as mentioned in the 'Erratum' post.

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