Thursday, 19 April 2012

Round 4: Rivalry Week Where Are You?

BANG!!! This is it! Grudge match round! What's not to like. All nine games... all red hot... kinda.

And it kicks off with the most recent brou-ha-ha... The sneaky Dockers facing the team that they stole their coach from, St Kilda. Friday night in Fitzroy St will never be the same again... well maybe it will be EXACTLY the same.

Other dust-ups...
 - The battle of traditional rivals to the 'silvertail' tag on Saturday afternoon -  Carlton v Essendon.
Who's posh? Who's posher?

 - Also on Saturday, Magpies go at it with Collingwood v Port (the SA Magpies). Feathers to fly, guaranteed. One has won more premierships than the other (and we all know who!).

 - The Q-Clash - Brisbane v Gold Coast... the biggest thing in Queensland since the 'other Big Pineapple' in Gympie was demolished.
One team will win, and football will be the loser.

 - The clash of those parts of Australia no-one really thinks about... Adelaide v GWS. Sure to be watched only in SA, and completely disregarded by the rest of the nation.

 - The battle for the Batmobile Cup... West Coast v Hawthorn once again go at it, knowing the loser has this parked out front of their offices until the next time they meet.

 - What was once the North v South battle, then became Sydney v The-others-that-wanted-to-play-at-SCG.

 - Melbourne v the Western Bulldogs... the very definition of AFL class-warfare. It will be Range Rovers v Falcons at twenty paces in the car park after the game.

 - The grand player-swap tradition that is Richmond v Geelong... Gareth Andrews, Rex Hunt, Trevor Poole, Brad Ottens, Paul Sarah, Graeme Landy, Adam Houlihan, Kent Kingsley, Craig Biddiscomb... all legends of the game.
None of this has anything to do with the true source of the rivalry, the dying minutes of the 1967 Grand Final, where Fred Swift's goal line defence won / stole the game for Richmond. Just ask Polly Farmer (or maybe not).

Every game a corker... so you would think.

So to the Round 4 predictions...
The big games of the week are
- for current day meaning and feeling: the Friday night Saints v Dockers,
- traditional rivals: Carlton v Essendon
- for huge importance: Collingwood v Port (The Pies MUST win this to arrest the form slump).

The close one of the round that has fallen out of the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
    West Coast v Hawthorn, with the 4pt margin!
...and is possibly the match of the week with the best pairing of teams playing.

To the predictions...

Three big losses calculated this week, Collingwood by 75 over Port, Geelong by 63 over the Tigers, and Adelaide by 60 over the Suns. Expect the former two to maybe under that mark, and the latter to be over.


  1. Haha, I like it. Great to see Trevor Poole get a mention.
    West Coast Hawthorn is also a battle for the 'Birds of Prey' cup.
    Lovely work

  2. Thanks Mr. Boot.
    I tried to think up a few obscure names... sure to have missed a few more too.

    There was a tweeter who used to work up a lot of inter club cup matches... so many options. Batmobile seemed to fit best for the Wet Toast and Dawks.