Thursday, 26 April 2012

Round 5: Back To Football

Now that the one-off spectacular (full of battle analogies, war comparisons and inflations of the term 'mateship') has passed us by for another year, lets get back to football.

And Round 5 kicks off with a Friday night in Perth, and possible game of the round... Freo v Carlton. Freo a chance to be 4-1 again, Carlton will need to get back on track.

So to the Round 5 predictions...
The big games of the week are
 - the aforementioned Perth Friday game.
 - It is 'Showdown' time in SA, so expect the roads to be pulled out from under the footpaths and pubs to be open after 5pm for the week for the Crows v Power stoush.
 - Can we add Richmond v West Coast? I think we just did, because of the great showing by Richmond against the reigning premiers at Geelong. But then they are playing the high-flying Eagles, so perhaps we should scratch that.

The close one of the round that has fallen out of the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
    Fremantle v Carlton, with the visitors by 16pts.
...and is possibly the match of the week with the best pairing of teams playing.

To the predictions...

There are 4 big losses calculated this week, and they are quite moderate 40+point affairs:
 - Geelong over Brisbane (42pts)
 - Western Bulldogs over GWS (47pts)
 - St Kilda over Melbourne (41pts)
 - North Melbourne over Gold Coast (47pts)

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