Friday, 27 April 2012

Round 5: Just Me Then?

From the set of data that I have (and confirmed by this list courtesy of the AFL Tables website), it seems that the 14,000th VFL/AFL game for a premiership is being played this weekend... with no fanfare or recognition!

And the game that my data shows to be the 14,000th* is...
Melbourne v St.Kilda,    at the MCG    on Saturday 28 April 2012
I have tried to alert the M.C.G., the AFL and other AFL statistical folk** to this confirm this, and have received no confirmation nor rejection, nor any other correspondence.

So, do I and anyone else that cares, just assume that the 14,000th game, between two of the foundation clubs, at the home of football, IS JUST GOING TO BE IGNORED?

 - Was the AFL celebratory budget 'shot' by the preceding Anzac Day's festivities?

 - Did the MFC only have funds to cover the Stynes memorial, and not any other events?

 - Is 14,000 games of football not a noteworthy event?

 - Is the 14,000th game an unfortunate 'accident' for the AFL, as it is played between Melbourne and St. Kilda and not two of the 'glamour' clubs the league cares about?

I guess those in charge will have to answer those questions, or just sweep it under the carpet.
After all, the 15,000th game is only about 5 seasons away.

That gives the AFL a nice chance to set that game up to be a clash between two clubs the AFL actually care about!

* The game falls out as the 14000th if you list the days games either alphabetically, or by game start time... no avoiding it!

** Advised via twitter to @mcg, @AFL_PKeane, @AFLStatsGuys... in some cases, several times.

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  1. Hey there. Melbourne vs St Kilda round 5 2012 was the 14000th AFL/VFL game ever played. Surprised there was no news about it. The 15000th game will be the 7th game of round 1 2017, if all goes to plan (i.e. no grand final replay, or cancelation of matches).