Monday, 23 April 2012

Round 5: Special Early Edition

The early start to this round warrants the FootyMaths Institute to crank up our supercomputer and warm up the valves on a Monday afternoon.

The hardworking boffins at the FootyMaths Institute actually working on Monday... unheard of! *

This is to satisfy the special AFL kiddies down there at AFL HQ, the Bank Centre and those who want to leave Windy Hill. You know, those standard bearers for 'tradition' in the AFL game.

So to the Early Round 5 prediction...
Can Essendon keep winning?
Will Collingwood get its season on track?
Do the other 83%** of the rest of the AFL supporting milieu even care?

The ANZAC day blockbuster should play out this way...

And lets bear in mind that the Pies are cooling, so the 43 points mark could be considered 'ambitious'.

* Image used completely without permission... If you are the owner and would like it removed, please advise us.

** 83% figure derived from these figures from the Herald Sun, and we consider them ENTIRELY UNTRUSTWORTHY. Because 1) They are in the Hun, and 2) there is no detail or clarity on what the AFL considers 'members'. Aside from the Hawthorn-style 'cats and dogs' members, you can also be a 3 game member (several times over if you wish), or even a season member that re-joins at a higher level to gain guaranteed finals access. 
The most shonkiest figures since the early Sydney attendance numbers..

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