Wednesday, 4 April 2012

That's 100 for You, and 100 for Me

An interesting question through twitter popped up after the Hawthorn -v- Collingwood game during the week... asking how often both teams score 100+ points in a game.
"@PJSC84 Can't really remember a time in the last few years when both sides score over 100 points. Stat people!? #7sport #AFLHawksPies"

A cursory look at the 2011 fixture found the most recent event was on
4-Sep-2011    Port Adelaide   17.10.112     -d-     Melbourne   15.14.104
Looking further through the 2011 season, we could see that over the 197 game season that year, there were 13 games where both teams scored 100+ points.
This equates to an approximate hit rate of 1 game every second week of football, or 6.6% of all the games played.

Take that as a snapshot of a season, and lets look further back... to include the seasons 1990-2011. The AFL-branded era.
Working through the seasons, we can generate the chart below.

In those 12 season there was a total of 4009 games played for 527games that had both teams scoring 100+ points. A strike rate of 13.1% of all games played.
Some seasons have 1 occurrence every second week of football, and some strike at one every week of football. Which suggests it is more common that you may think.

Interesting to match up that data with the blow out games data from this post...

Perhaps another time.

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