Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Form And Rankings Reach Ultimate Communion

Just when you were thinking the extension of FootyMaths into a season-long tipping frenzy (supported by Power Rankings at The Wooden Finger Depot by Troy Wheatley), we now reach the pinnacle of  football, rankings and loose mathematics that send us into drilling down into the very core of football itself...

MFC Power Rankings - May '12
In honour/big fat rip off of the American obsession with doing power rankings for frivolous topics we've decided to do the same on a monthly basis. Every month, even in the off-season, applying the same formula for importance that may not actually exist as seen in the pre-season preview.

Above via one of the funniest footballing blogs around, Demonblog, run by @Demonblog (my italics in the above).

Have to say I love Power Ranking players in the off season...presumably 'training the house down' is a huge positive... as too would be being seen having a Parma and Pot with Allen Jakovich.

...think I'm going to have to track down every other teams Power Rankings as well...!

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