Friday, 25 May 2012

Round 9: Don't Panic!

Welcome back, dear reader, to the Guide... the FootyMaths Institute's own version of how to measure and tip AFL teams, broadcast via the Sub-Etha.

This week, the AFL does indeed dish up a few great games...
::Adelaide v Collingwood.
   From the depths of a horror 2011 season, the Crows have emerged to be flag favourites* and real contenders. The quality of the Pies game is also improving as the season progresses.

::Richmond v Hawthorn.
   There is no denying that Hawthorn are a finely engineered outfit, and equally there is no denying the heart and spirit at Tigerland. They are now no longer 'mostly harmless'.

::St. Kilda v Sydney.
   (Once known as the Lakeside Derby... that's Daarby) Both teams have a record for dour hard football, but this season with two new coaches... the shackles are off!

::The Western Derby.
   (This one is the Durrby, over there). Do we need to say more about the intensity of the contest?

In Round 9, Essendon are hosted by the Giants as the AFL introduces us to the 'Venue at the End of the Universe', the Sydney Showgrounds... the latest venue for football in Australia.
Stadium Sponsors Product
Known for sponsorship purposes as "Crazy Vlaclav's Place of Automobiles Stadium".

This will become the 42nd venue to have hosted VFL / AFL football, and joins the illustrious footballing pantheon that also includes such memorable venues as Euroa, Bruce Stadium, Yallourn and Yarraville Oval).

It also proves that, at least from a venues perspective, that the AFL has finally arrived at the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

Don't Panic!  Here are the Round 9 predictions...
The close one of the round tipped by the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
A 3 point victory to the Magpies Power over the Gold Coast Suns.
To the tips...

Only 2 big losses calculated for this week, but they may not end up in the Blow-Out Bin...
 - The Blues to defeat Melbourne, and
 - Essendon to defeat the GWS
both by 42 points (each of two... thanks Peter).

And for those of you playing along at home, the post title and content has the odd Douglas Adams references sprinkled through it, as today is Towel Day.
Bonus points if you can spot them all, answers on an envelope addressed to Andy and Young Gil, c/o AFL House in your capital city... as per usual.

* Crows are always flag favoutites... in Adelaide.

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