Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Celebrity Tipping Challenge

A special event this week!
Our first Celebrity Tipping Challenge.

Late on Friday, the @AFLFootyMaths tweet feed was hit with the below from David Pope, political cartoonist from The Canberra Times.
@davpope: Uh oh. I only have two tips the same as the @AFLFootyMaths supercomputer: http://bit.ly/Konyo1
followed up by
@davpope:   @AFLFootyMaths Wait a minute... it's only one the same! Bulldogs! And they're so flaky I'm not even sure about that! @Kate_Hannon
After a bit more discussion, David suggested
"It's Kasparov vs Deep Blue all over again." and "If the part of Kasparov was being played by Mr Bean"
So the first (unofficial) Footymaths Celebrity Tipping Challenge was duly accepted.

Lining up our tips agains David's, the challenge looked like this as it played out.

      FootyMaths' Tips         David Pope's Tips      Result    Progressive
      Geelong                  Sydney                 Sydney          (0-1)
      Western Bulldogs         Western Bulldogs       Brisbane        (0-1)  
      Collingwood              West Coast             Collingwood     (1-1)
      Fremantle                Essendon               Essendon        (1-2)
      Melbourne                GWS                    Melbourne       (2-2)
      North Melbourne          Adelaide               North Melbourne (3-2)

After the Magpie win on Saturday afternoon, he also suggested...

@davpope:   Trying to beat the @AFLFootyMaths supercomputer this weekend, for all of humanity. Letting the Pies win is not helping humanity, Eagles.

History will record this week as a first win of FootyMaths over the one tipster to date who dared to take on our might. As David finally tweeted...
@davpope:    @Kate_Hannon 2! I have conceded defeat to our new @AFLFootyMaths supercomputer overlords. You may be humanity's only hope.

We do welcome the opportunity to match tips with David Pope again, if he wishes to take us on one more time.
Or we could even take on his nominee, "humanity's only hope", Kate Hannon.

Bring on the Celebrity Tipsters, one and all... we will smite them without fear or favour!

Footnote: In David Pope's defence, his self-described tipping formula is boiled down to the "'which mascot would win the fight' method", which meant he could successfully tip the 2010 Grand Final as per here:
Used without permission: Let me know if you want it removed David, will comply.

BIG THANKS also from us to David Pope for an eventful and enjoyable weekend of twitter banter!

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