Friday, 29 June 2012

Celebrity Tipping Returns!

We are back for another round of the FootyMaths Institute's patented 'Celebrity Tipping Challenge', after the roaring success of last week, or perhaps in spite of the lack of success... we can't be sure.

And also because all the concepts for cooking and renovating were already taken.

And this weeks challengers are...
Returning after a narrow loss last week ... 

    It's DAVID POPE (@davpope), political cartoonist for The Canberra Times.

And joining him this week is a new challenger, described by David last week as 'humanity's last hope' (from a tipping perspective, we believe) ... 

    It's KATE HANNON (@Kate_Hannon), self-described "media type observing the world" (which might be code for journalist) and avid Crows fan.

All the tips for all the games have been locked in, and a 'nearest-the-pin' tie breaker has also been set. The margins have been locked in and all is ready for this rounds challenge.

Check back in on Monday (or maybe Tuesday) as we list the results of this most unique tipping challenge*...


* Yes, most unique may not quite be English, but there it is. And also we suspect there surely has been this type of  competition before... it just sounds good, OK!


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