Friday, 1 June 2012

◄50► Round 10: Raise the Mouse

The week the AFL is dreading... where the two best ranked teams battle the two lowest ranked teams. Its danger and heartbreak dead ahead this week, with only a smattering of quality to save the round.

To the quality...
::St.Kilda v Richmond.
   Can resurgent Richmond remain on the winners list after last weeks effort? Are the Saints serious about September?

::Hawthorn v North Melbourne.
   Does "Hawks on the rebound" plus "York Park" equal four points? Is this the last chance for North to prove their worth as a finals contender? Or are they finals pretenders?

::Sydney v Bulldogs.
   Can the Dogs string together another solid four-quarter effort and get over the line? Can the Swans grind out another match and defeat the Dogs on points?

Am we channelling the narrator from the old 60's Batman series?

...and this is our 50th post, so in cricketing fashion we raise our mouse to salute that very minor milestone.

Here are the Round 10 predictions...
The close one of the round tipped by the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
A 6 point victory to Fremantle over Adelaide... a real chance for Adelaide to make a mark, or for Fremantle to strike a blow and get their season back into action.
To the tips...

Image courtesy of Museum of Victoria website
It has been a big week here at the FootyMaths Institute, and our supercomputer's memory banks and algorithm valves have been working overtime on the tips. The poor old beast has overheated and vented gas several times, as it struggled with the realisation that two of this weeks games are headed for danger.

This week we have calculated two of the biggest chances for entry to the Blow-Out Bin this season.

Geelong and Collingwood are listed for the two biggest wins we have tipped all year. Collingwood by 83 points over the Gold Coast, and Geelong by 97 points over the GWS.

A season record to date, and a strain on the old supercomputer's capability.

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  1. Yes, I would have Freo beating Adelaide as well - good test to see whether the Crows are being underrated.