Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Round 11: First Set of Six

Also known as: ...The non-event that was Bye-Week 1.

Yes... six games stretched out over 4 days, in an AFL approved bore-a-thon. One game on Sunday, and one on the public holiday Monday... such a waste. The weekend should have been loaded up with more games, and the byes run through normal weekends.

Worth us noting that we went very close on the tip;
 - Geelong by 14pts, with an actual margin of 12pts (out by 2), and
 - Sydney by 1 pt, with an actual margin of 4pts (out by 3), and
 - Hawthorn by 43pts, with an actual margin of 46pts (out by 3).

Not a bad record again!

Our tip return this week... 5 from 6, missing Fremantle's win at the MCG. Strike rate boosted right back up to 71% (or 68/96)

Eleventh round results:

One game in the Blow-out Bin this week, as the Saints demoralised the Suns kiddies by 95 points.

Strongest Gains:
A moderate week sees the Swans gain 7pts this week, after that ho-hum thriller that never should have been game vs the Bombers.

Otherwise...no other meaningful gains.

Biggest Drop:
Its the Suns, still declining and dropping another 17pts down the chute. Seemingly never to improve, even with a season under the belt.

Otherwise...no other meaningful losses.

Table Changes:
Only 12 teams in action, and only 2 change places... Freo knock off Richmond at the MCG and take back 13th spot, in amongst the volatile positions of 8 to 13.

Of note... Hawthorn nudge closer to the top 2, the Saints are 1.1 points away from Carlton in 4th, and Gold Coast drift further toward the edge.


  1. As always...impressed by tipping/margin accuracy...but I won't pump the tyres quite as hard this time!

    1. Was a good week for sure... do love getting close to the mark. Trying now to work on a statistical measure of accuracy, but I think some (most?) tipping-to-the-margin is a bit hit and miss.