Thursday, 14 June 2012

Round 12: Season Hump Round

Just over the half way mark of the season,and its also the half way mark of the bye weeks...
And as the mid season week, of course it should start in that traditional time slot of 5:40pm (WST), in Perth. And the logic for this game is... well I don't know. There are no public holidays in Perth this week, so who knows what the story is.
Only theory we could offer is to get the papers and media back to AFL A.S.A.P. after State Of Origin II.

... Maybe.

... At a push.

...Because we all know how big a market Perth is for the NRL.
But anyway, we digress!

For reference, we had posted a quarter time summary of the season earlier this year, and now at the half way mark, we should be releasing a half way summary next week. Given the season has these unwieldy byes now, we will hold off on any half way review until after all teams have had their byes.

So to the Round 12 predictions...
The close one of the round tipped by the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...  A Dead Heat!!!
An 8 point win to West Coast over Carlton, and...
An 8 point win to St Kilda over Adelaide
Though in reality, the mathematics picks out a 7.2pt win to St Kilda as the closest of the week, just shaving West Coast tipped by 7.4pts over Carlton.

And just to further note... again that we consider any fraction of a point over a whole number margin to be sufficient to push the tip margin to the next whole number (a bit like being pregnant... you either are, or are not.).

To the tips...

The big losses for this week and candidate for the Blow-Out Bin is...
 - Hawthorn to defeat Brisbane by 54pts.
Prime candidate indeed if the Hawks are playing 'happy team' football. Only Lions hope is if they are off their game.

A final note... the Bulldogs have a big 36points margin tipped over Port Adelaide, but non-mathematical logic would suggest this game to be closer in reality than we have calculated.

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