Friday, 22 June 2012

Round 13: Prelude to a Spoon

Its the final bye week! A week that brings...
 - Big games! Collingwood v West Coast and Sydney v Geelong.... Important top 4 shapers.
 - Mid rangers! Fremantle v Essendon and North Melbourne v Adelaide... top 8 shapers.
 - Also rans! Bulldogs v Brisbane and Melbourne v GWS... playing for draft picks.

The MFC v GWSFC game is also the "Prelude to a Spoon" game, and (if picked to play) the Scully return match. A time to shine, or a dark day for footy?
Lets hope for the latter, from both the player in question, the MFC team, and the fans.

(Read also Rohan Connolly's story (Question mark over the Cats) ... we have the Cats by 11pts, in what could be a season defining game)

As previously, we had posted a quarter time summary of the season earlier this year, and now slightly over the half way mark we will release a half way summary after this round. Stand by for more nonsensical bloggery and half-arsed judgements soon.

So to the Round 13 predictions...
The close one of the round tipped by the FootyMaths Supercomputer is...
North to win at home against Adelaide by 5pts!?!  ...hmmm
Next best is Essendon to be beaten by 6 at Fremantle... which makes more sense.
Looks like the review of data and calculations must continue (though with reviewed data its Essendon by 2pts and North Melbourne by 1pt).

To the tips...

The big losses for this week and candidate for the Blow-Out Bin is...
 - Melbourne to defeat the GWS by 41pts.

Ask any Melbourne supporter, and I think they would say we are being generous (at a minimum), or just plain stupid!


  1. The computer's possibly feeling the effects of the earth tremor the other night...thrown a few things out possibly? Haha....if it pans out that way then you'll...sorry, the footy maths computer, will look like a genius!!!

  2. Pretty happy with all those tips, except there NM/ADE one... Should be the other way.

    But they'd the numbers!