Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Celebrity Tipping Challenge 2

Once again the auspices of the FootyMaths supercomputer were challenged in out patented 'Celebrity Tipping Challenge'*
As mentioned before the challengers were David Pope (@davpope), political cartoonist for The Canberra Times, and also Kate Hannon (@Kate_Hannon), journalist and self described "Media type observing the world" (which might be code for journalist) and avid Crows fan.

And in a spirit of fun, David has tweeted a few consipracy theories about us, and drawing in other tweeters as well to the battle,with the following tweets:
@davpope:  You are never going to enslave humanity tipping the Doggies, @AFLFootyMaths supercomputer ‪#justsayin
@davpope:   @firstdogonmoon I want to tip them (The Bulldogs). I really do. But stopping the@AFLFootyMaths supercomputer's human battery tipping farm comes first.
@davpope:   @ernmalleyscat @firstdogonmoon The day we tip the Suns and they win is the day this godawful war with the @AFLFootyMaths supercomputer ends.
So after being accused of being a 'battery tipping farm'** and waging a war via supercomputers, we had to correct the record, Terminator style...
@AFLFootyMaths:  .@davpope Loving your tweets today‪ #StraightToThePoolRoom‬ ‪#FootyMaths‬ is a science, not cybernetic organism @ernmalleyscat @firstdogonmoon
which of course drew this response...
@davpope: @AFLFootyMaths Exactly what I would expect a cybernetic organism to say@ernmalleyscat @firstdogonmoon
And finally, the grand conspiracy theory was laid bare... its all part of the Matrix!!
@davpope:   @ernmalleyscat The day we start tipping using "science" is the day I lie down and get jacked into the @AFLFootyMaths matrix.@firstdogonmoon
But in reality... the FootyMaths 'science' was explained like this
@AFLFootyMaths: @davpope our science is less "The Matrix" and more "Dolby" @ernmalleyscat @firstdogonmoon

(Big thanks to David... was a fun day in the office on the tweet!!)

But now, back to the tipping comp.:
And straight away we can see there is a commonality across all three tipsters, EXCEPT for the FootyMaths Computer, which went for the Western Bulldogs, and not Essendon.
So the whole machine v human challenge rested on that game, and the David v Kate result rested on the nearest the pin tip in blue.

FootyMaths Tips    David's Tips       Kate's Tips       Result          Score
Hawthorn           Hawthorn           Hawthorn          Hawthorn        1-1-1
Collingwood        Collingwood        Collingwood       Collingwood     2-2-2 
Adelaide           Adelaide           Adelaide          Adelaide        3-3-3
West Coast         West Coast         West Coast        WestCoast       4-4-4
Sydney             Sydney             Sydney            Sydney          5-5-5
Western Bulldogs   Essendon           Essendon          Essendon        5-6-6
Geelong            Geelong            Geelong           Geelong         6-7-7  
Brisbane           Brisbane           Brisbane          Brisbane        7-8-8
St Kilda           St Kilda           St Kilda          North Melb.     7-8-8  
  St.K by 22         St.K by 3          St.K by 15        N.M by 33

And, of course, during the Essendon v Bulldogs game (around half time) we tweeted this, as the game, and the tipping competition, was effectively over.
@AFLFootyMaths:  @Kate_Hannon @davpope *Preparing concession tweet*
Which means that the FootyMaths Institutes' Supercomputer indeed has its failings and can be defeated, without resorting to Sarah Connor style antics.

Well played by Kate and David.

As to the ultimate winner... well the scores were level, which means the nearest the pin tip comes into play, and nearest (...at a stretch), was David Pope!

But can we really award a winner when the nearest to the on landed on the wrong green...?

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