Tuesday, 24 July 2012

On the Tip (5)

The fifth in the (surprising) series of tipping challenges has been run and won. In this edition, it was
FootyMaths supercomputer  v  David Pope  v  John Carr  v  Matt Duffett (who also has a mathematical model).

There was quite a spread of games with different selections (in grey), and the outcomes made for a very tight race.

In the end, for us, the result pivoted on the Melbourne -v- Port Adelaide match. Our selection of the Dees by 1 point looked OK early doors, but these modern day Demons wilted in the tropics, and cooked our goose.

But the weekend was not a total loss for logic over instinct, as Mark Duffett's mathematical model tied up the round with the anti-machine crusader David Pope, at 8 right each of two.

So, it's another narrow loss for us, but we remain steadfast in our desire to one day get all nine and have our technology follow in the footsteps of (horse racing's) Bill Collins, and be described as 'The Accurate One'.

...and if you must want to see a list of the tippers in order, you would give

  GOLD:    Davis (@davpope), with 8 correct, (winner on countback on the Fremantle margin)
 SILVER:  Mark (@MarkDuffett), also with 8 correct,
 BRONZE:  John (@TheHolyBoot ) sneaks in for a podium with 7 correct and tipping very close on the margin.

We come a very disappointing last. 7 correct.

Our record:
Three tipping challenges:      2 wins     3 losses.

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