Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pick 6: Full House

The surprise hit of the FootyMaths blog enters its record breaking 6th week, bigger and (maybe*) better than ever!

In this edition:
The FootyMaths supercomputer took on a cast of thousands (well, 6 twitter accounts/people anyway);

 - @TheHolyBoot, @SidebySidePies, @A_OKeefe, @MarkDuffett (using a mathematical model), @Wal13Freo and @jaydiseb.

With such a spread of players, and (what we thought) such a simple round to pick, we were bound to find someone pick the same as we did... and John @SidebySidePies did. The first time we have matched a players selections.
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Which meant the week revolved around the Richmond -v- Carlton game to filter out 3 or 4 players or the Geelong -v- Adelaide game to filter out on 1 player (or find Andrew as the ultimate winner).

So, on Saturday evening, after a last minute Carlton goal, #FootyMaths (and John @SidebySidePies) achieved our first fully correct round for the year, and by extension the existence of this blog.

After mentioning last week that it was "our desire to one day get all nine and have our technology follow in the footsteps of (horse racing's) Bill Collins, and be described as 'The Accurate One'". we have achieved it the very next week..
That said, we also did suggest (after prompting by John) that

...and if you must want to see a list of the tippers in order, you would give

    GOLD:       John (@SidebySidePies) , with 9 correct, (winner on countback on the Eagles margin)
   SILVER:    FootyMaths (@AFLFootyMaths), also with 9 correct,
   BRONZE:    Wal (@Wal13Freo) sneaks in for a podium with 8 correct and tipping closest to the margin.

Unplaced (in order) would then be:
4th: @TheHolyBoot,
5th: @MarkDuffett
6th: @A_OKeefe,      all on 8 correct tips, separated by difference from the margin.

and 7th: @jaydiseb        with 7 correct.

* Is it better? Maybe, as it is tough running this with such numbers, and we also missed @DavPope joining in this week. We assume he either thought the weekend was too easy to tip so decided not to continue, or was so offended that last week I called him Davis and not David, that he boycotted.

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