Friday, 27 July 2012

Round 18: Fists and Felafel's

While we hate to dive back into the barrel to play the old 'rivalry round' card again, we feel it very important to pass comment on a few games that stand out this week, the time warp rivals round.

Seventies Stouches- Lets all head back to the 70's on Saturday night at the MCG... it's Disco Demolition Night as Richmond and Carlton, get the big moustaches and wide lapel suits on again to try to breath life back into the toughest of tough 70's rivalries.
     PS: you MUST click the link... Disco Demolition Night was such a great idea!!
Not a tough rivalry you say...?  Well try this!

Eighties Entertainment- After disco died, the void was filled with blonde mullets and white boots. These come back to the field this Friday night when Essendon and Hawthorn turn on another 'Miami Vice'-a-thon. Supporters are encouraged to not shave for a few days to get the Crocket/Tubbs growth happening, as well as wear as much pastel coloured clothes as possible. Free entry if you have your hair styled in a 'new romantic' style.
The teams themselves hate each other... how much you ask?
Well, try this action!

Modern Day Dust-ups- But the real rivalries in football extends beyond the past 40 years, and beyond the football field... and right out into the fabric of suburban life itself... and it all ignited with this.
Which therefore makes this weeks Greater Western Sydney -v- Collingwood match the first "AFL Felafel Fight".

But enough with the stuffing about...

Here are the Round 18 predictions...
Now this week is possibly the easiest week so far this season, with only one game tipped under a 2 goal margin... this weeks 'close one' a shockingly large 11 point margin to Fremantle over Port Adelaide.

As to the rest of the week, there is 2 games with under 3 goal margins, 1 under 5 goals, and 5 gamed with margins tipped over 6 goals.
Which might make this weeks tipping challenge a bit boring.  

And it is also the second worst round of the year for the 'close one' tip, previous being 16 points in Round 5. This round is also the equal third for average margins tipped across the weekend at 35 points, equal with round 14 (bettered only by round 4 at 37 points and round 10 at 38 points). 

To the tips...

The only clear Blow-Out Bin candidate is the "Felafel Fight", Collingwood over the GWS. Our numbers calculate that to be a 83 point margin.

Another tipping challenge accepted this week with (at least) 2 new (or re-newed) contenders...
 - John Murray (@SidebySidePies) returns, the mad-keen Wobbler fan, so we are sure his felafel's will be bought from Smith St, or maybe even Thomastown, and
 - another new contender: Andrew O'Keefe (@A_OKeefe); a Hawk fan from the South Island...sorry, not NZ, but wonderful Tassie! His technique... 90% pure instinct, a dash of logic and a shot of bravado. 

...and we hope to have the original tipping challenger, David Pope back again, along with John -TheHolyBoot too.

MEZZOCULO INDEX - The last 5, and the next 3:
As we introduced recently, the last 5 game heat chart is here again, but this time we have added a guide to the next three games as well.
Here is how the Mezzoculo Index works (as named after the blog commenter who requested it):
A teams position in the red-yellow-green coloured sections indicates how they have gone in the last 5 weeks... if a team is in the red, its been on fire. If a team is in the green, they are in the wilderness and struggling for form.
The size of the team marker indicates how we think they will run for the next 3 games... the bigger the marker, the more likely to win.

Those tipping an Adelaide flag might be interested to see they are in good form now (high into the red zone), but the small circle indicates they may lose one or two of the next three games...  Is a top 4 spot in danger for the Crows?

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