Thursday, 26 July 2012

Season Without Suns

Looking back to yesterdays post, we have just realized we should have done the obvious and looked at 2011 and and to see if there was any effect they had on the competition ladder.
So here it is... the ladder with and without Suns games.

As before, the above is clickable so you can view it larger, and the amended ladder sits on the right.

And as before, there is little difference on the ladder if the Suns were not to play, with the only key ladder positional change being Richmond and the Western Bulldogs swapping places at 10th and 12th

Percentages also change as well, with the below as the major changes against Geelong (-10%), Richmond (-9%), Adelaide, Carlton and Melbourne (-7%), and Essendon (-6%).

And of course, the effect is smaller in 2011 with just the one new team.

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