Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tipping Challenge: its 3 on 1!

The battle is re-joined again... this time its:
FootyMaths supercomputer  v  David Pope  v  John Carr  v  John Murray.

Thats right, we took on three challengers, single handedly.

And once again, it comes down to one game to sift the wheat from the chaff, and once again its the Dons involved.

And with Essendon capitulating to the Saints (by an even greater margin than we tipped), the tipping challenge was done and dusted for the week.
And at the end of the game, the only tweet we could issue was:

Chalk up another win for the power of mathematics.

...and if you must want to see a list of the tippers in order, you would give
-  SILVER MEDAL:  John Carr (@TheHolyBoot), with 7 correct, and an almost-on-the-money margin call on Fremantle (his tip 34pts to the actual result 38pts),
-  BRONZE MEDAL:  David Pope (@davpope), also with 7 correct,
- and John Murray (@SidebySidePies) is a distant unplaced last, with 5 correct.

Our record:
Three tipping challenges:      2 wins     1 loss.

Who wants some?


  1. Ah...nothing like being let down by Essendon!!! Was happy with my Freo/Footscray margin though. Good fun. Happy to be wearing silver.

    1. Oh Essendon! And here we were thinking our Saints tip was wrong after being bitten by the Bombers last week.

      And we love getting a close margin...was thrilled you went within 4pts.