Monday, 6 August 2012

Its All About Timing: Part 2

IF we may just say....
Last week's round review was themed 'Timing' and included this line...

Timing... its what changes things from good to great. Like a fine wine, great joke or perfectly driven cover drive for four.
Or its how you hide bad news, like a 5pm Friday press release announcing a new tax, or perhaps scheduling a really bad (car crash bad) week of football in behind the Olympic opening ceremony.
Proving once again how perceptive the FootyMaths Institute is, one of the official AFL twitter accounts released these

...on a Friday afternoon

...after 5pm.

Perceptive, visionary, PR experts, or just dumb luck... we know how they think and work.

How do you transmit bad news?
...It's all in the timing.

PS... and there goes any chance we have of being recruited by the AFL!

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