Friday, 31 August 2012

Round 23: 18 - 10 (-1 coach) = Finals

The end of the regular season is upon us, and as we know it is the last games for ten teams and one coach (and we will try to get out a special Ratten post next week).

With the finalists set, this weeks games come down to:

1) A series of top 8 affecting games.... so many permutations!
Hawks / Eagles     Must win for the Eagles to get a home final, Hawks also would like to finish top 2
Cats / Swans       Swans would like to finish top 2, Cats seem destined for a bottom 4 finish
Crows / Suns       Crows should be able to phone this one in, hold a top 4 spot and maybe even pinch the minor premiership.
Giants / Roos      Kangas better not sleep during this one, and other wins will influence where they play next week
Dockers / Demons   Similar to the Roos, wins down here make the next weeks games interesting... could we have a Derby-Darby final?
Bombers / Magpies  One last hurrah for the Dons? Don't think so! Expect the Pies to go hard and look to get back to the top 4.

2) A few games where pride is the only prize, as Sunday rounds out the AFL season by quickly disappearing up its own fundament, Oozulum-style.
Tigers / Power     Tigers aiming for 10th, Power no higher that 14th
Lions / Bulldogs   Lions can't move, Dogs could finish 14th tops.
Blues / Saints     This seasons ninth place play-off.

Here are our Round 23 predictions...
The last round brings us a weekend of reasonable plain sailing in the tips, with 6 of the 8 games tipped by 5 goal margins or more. The other  three games are: 1 tipped by under one goal, 1 tipped by under 2 goals and  tipped by under 3 goals.
This weeks close one is;
Carlton -v- St Kilda     tipping the Saints by 4 points.

To the tips...

No games are expected to meet the criteria to enter the Blow-Out Bin, but two games are tipped to miss the bottom end of the window this week.
This week Adelaide should defeat the Gold Coast, and North Melbourne should defeat the GWS by 59 points.

The final tipping challenge has been issued, but it looks like the reuslt might be down to the margin game only. Check back on Tuesday for the update!

MEZZOCULO INDEX - The last Five, and the next Three:
No Mezzoculo Index this week! 

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