Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tipping: 8 is Enough

Apparently, the idea of a big family was enough for TV exec's in the 70's to 'green-light' a show.
Or was it the hairstyles? Or the 'chopper' pushbike? Or the old VW Combi van?

It MUST have been the fact that your lead actor was a bloke called
Dick Van Patten...
     Television for the ages!

In this edition:
Its the eighth edition of the the FootyMaths supercomputer tipping challenge and this week 8 correct was indeed enough to take the prize*.

The same 6 challengers as last week padded up to face our super computer;
    - @TheHolyBoot, @SidebySidePies, @davpope, @A_OKeefe, @MarkDuffett
     (using a mathematical model), and @Wal13Freo.

An as the matches unfolded over the weekend, Mark too the early lead as the only one to tip West Coast (kudos to your model, Mark!), but was undone by Collingwood getting up against Sydney. This allowed ourselves to pick up a point and draw level. At which point we tweeted...
[Apologies for that appalling grammar]

So it meant the margin on the Esendon -v- North Melbourne game was the decider, and with North powering away from a Bombers side that looks resigned to finishing out of the 8, Mark scored the win this week.

More significant though, it was a win for mathematics, as your top two placegetters both expunge 'heart' from tipping and rely solidly on logic.

The order of the tippers this week:

    GOLD:       Mark (@MarkDuffett), with 8 correct, (winner on countback on the Roos margin)
   SILVER:      @AFLFootyMaths also with 8 correct,
   BRONZE:      John (@SidebySidePies)  sneaks in for a podium with 7 correct and the nearest the pin ... just 2 points off the exact margin.

Unplaced (in order) would then be:
4th: @Wal13Freo,
5th: @TheHolyBoot, and
6th: @DavPope, all with 7 correct, separated by difference from the margin, then
7th: @A_OKeefe, for the second week in a row (and he will hate us for noting that!).

* Same prize as last week... nothing but the admiration of a small band of tippers 

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