Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tips 10: Diving In, Boots First

In this edition:
Its the tenth edition of the the FootyMaths supercomputer tipping challenge, and second last for the season.

The same 6 challengers as last week padded up to face our super computer;
    - @TheHolyBoot, @SidebySidePies, @davpope, @A_OKeefe, @MarkDuffett
     (using a mathematical model), and @Wal13Freo.

The weekend started off quite strange with one tipster actually selecting a DRAW between Richmond and Essendon, against the majority view that the Tigers would win.
Otherwise there was a good mix of tipsters taking chances on a variety of teams... a nice change from last weeks mass tip-athon.

As the weekend progressed, 4 tipsters of the 7 were away to a good start getting Richmond, but it was Saturday's games that proved crucial. The Hawthorn and West Coast's wins put @TheHolyBoot one point clear, which allowed for 2 scenarios, as we tweeted...

The Boot's lead would be cut if North win and it would send the result into another 'nearest the pin' test. But with an inspired Fremantle tip, TheHolyBoot scooted away to a two tip win.   

So, the order of the tippers this week:

    GOLD:       John (@TheHolyBoot), confortably this week with 8 correct
   SILVER:      John (@SidebySidePies), with 6 correct, and closer to pin than,
   BRONZE:      David (@DavPope) also with 6 tips.

 That made this week a 'John' double header... which in the USA would be a rather odd thing to say!

Unplaced (in order) would then be:
4th: @MarkDuffett on 6 correct
5th: @A_OKeefe with 5 correct, closer to the margin from
6th: @AFLFootyMaths, also with 5 correct, then
7th: @Wal13Freo, with only 4 correct.

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