Thursday, 9 August 2012

With or Without New - Rnd 19 update

There has been a whole lot of twitter activity today about the effect of the draw on the final 8 in this seasons AFL... sparked by this in The Age of 9 August.

So, it must be time to review and update our earlier blog post; With Or Without New, which has received a lot of hits today on the back of a few re-tweets,

So, to the update:
As of Round 19, the AFL ladder is at left, and extracting any games played against the development teams produces the table at right.

Again, there are minor changes to the order, with North Melbourne dropping out as the key change. Fremantle are the beneficiary, so they can rightly feel hard done by.

Poor North... the most affected, yet barely mentioned in The Age' article. Seemingly easier to pot Adelaide, we guess.

Adelaide and Collingwood swap positions 2 and 3, which affects no-one as both retain the double chance. It is possible that swapping those two teams would affect where the finals are played, but knowing that the AFL play fast and loose around finals fixtures, who can say where the finals will be scheduled this far from the date?

Again, percentages are the big changes:  Sydney (-15%), Collingwood and Adelaide (-14% each of two), West Coast (-13%), Brisbane (-12%), St Kilda (-11%), and Hawthorn (-10%) the biggest losers.


  1. The only face saver for the AFL is that NM play Freo in a virtual elim final in rd 22. So whilst in a fair, ideal world, Freo shouldn't be in that position, if we can't beat them a few weeks out from the finals we don't deserve to be in the finals.

    1. Well spotted, Anon...
      That game, and this weeks Ess/NM game are both pivotal for NM, Ess and Freo.

      But as you say, given we suggest NM are in the 8 at the expense of Freo, that R22 game is dynamite.
      If NM get over Ess this weekend, then NM does gain more kudos.

    2. If NM get over Ess this weekend, then NM does gain more kudos.

      Which they did, so it will be interesting to see the updated ladder this week. Great site, btw.

    3. Subtle hint that I should do this regularly...?

      [...disappears to prepare another post..]