Thursday, 27 September 2012

On a Break

And that is it, loyal reader!

The FootyMaths Institute will have a short recess until mid October.

After that we will release the final rankings point standings for all teams based on all matches played for the Premiership.

We also hope to keep you coming back over the summer months, as we intend to release a series of 'Season in Review' blog posts on every teams performance during the 2012 year.
And we may even get the rankings going again on the T20 Big Bash League... just for the hell of it!

We also have a mighty long treatise on a Conference model of scheduling the AFL season that will get a page of its own. (This is mostly done, but needs proofing and editing).

Finally, we hope to have a few guest posts coming soon too... *hopes his guest posters read this and it triggers them back into action*.

How is that for sizzle!

And while we are away, some light entertainment is scheduled.

Thank you, loyal reader, for reading and commenting on our blog posts and also interacting with us on twitter.

Oh yes, and if the Grand Final is a draw on Saturday, then our tip for the replay is:
Possible Grand Final Replay Tip:
Hawthorn by 14 pts

See you in a few weeks.
   FootyMaths Institute Team

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