Saturday, 22 September 2012

Re-brand: The Bulldogs

The FootyMaths Institute staff are big fans of the history and traditions of Australian football. Because of this, we would also like to re-blog something by another blogger, writer and tweeter who also has a love of some of the AFL's traditions, with a bent to passing them on to the next generation.

So for this short blog post, we are asking you to read a wonderful proposal by Anthony Costa (@costasports).

Anthony is a writer, designer and illustrator, who runs the website, full of his re-imaginings of various sports logos, jumpers etc.

His re-design of the Western Bulldogs logo at right is inspired by Footscray imagery of days past, but looks a treat for the modern age. There is more on this interpretation of the Western Bulldogs logo here.

But logos aside, Anthony's assessment of the Western Bulldogs / Footscray Football Club and their branding and ability to find space in the football market is quite excellent and well worth your time.

Straddling tradition, branding, position and engagement, Anthony has created a strong case for the return of the Footscray name to the AFL.

Click on the link below, read and comment.
It is well worth your time. Well done Anthony!
Branding: Why AFL's Western Bulldogs should reclaim their Footscray name after 15 years.   by Anthony Costa, from the Sports Business Insider website,

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