Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tips 11: End Of Days

Its the last week of the tipping competition*!
And we had unprecedented tips, and even more unprecedented results!
And we wrap up the year as well.

In this edition:
Our daring 6 challengers face off against our super computer one final time;
    - @TheHolyBoot, @SidebySidePies, @davpope, @A_OKeefe, @MarkDuffett
     (using a mathematical model), and @Wal13Freo.

And to prove just how farcical this tipping caper can be, we had an unprecedented FIVE tipsters all tipping the same result.

And as the weekend progressed, the one of the two different tipsters was shed when Geelong defeated Sydney (meaning @davpope was out of the race). Which meant...
Yep, @A_Okeefe also tipped Sydney, but was till a chance if St Kilda were defeated by Carlton.

And as that game closed on Sunday, it became a five way race to the margin.

So, the order of the tippers this week:

    GOLD:       @Wal13Freo, getting 8 this week (along with 5 others) and closest the pin (off by 23)
   SILVER:      Mark (@MarkDuffett), with 8 and 27pts from the target
   SILVER:      John (@SidebySidePies), with 8 correct, 27pts from the pin.
Unprecedented dual silver medal winners!
   BRONZE:       John (@TheHolyBoot) gets the bronze, also with 8, ans 29pts off the mark..

Unplaced (in order) would then be:
4th: @AFLFootyMaths (8/9 57pts away)
5th: @davpope with 7 correct, and
6th: @A_Okeefe with 6 correct.

Final Standings:
And to wrap this all up neatly, here are a final standings of tipping involving all the regulars (6 weeks of tips).
Points awarded thus:   3 points for a win, 2 for second place, 1 for third.
11pts @TheHolyBoot (scored in every round bar one!)
 7pts @Wal13Freo, @SidebySidePies
 6pts @MarkDuffett
 4pts @AFLFootyMaths
 3pts @A_Okeefe
 1pt  @davpope
David Pope should also receive a special commendation for inspiring this idea for a Man-v-Machine tipping competition, and also missed one week as well.

* And I do mean LAST... Its not easy running this, so unless there is OVERWHELMING support for a return next year... Its bye bye!

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