Wednesday, 5 September 2012

With or Without New -The Finale

For the final time, lets put this notion of soft draws to bed.

The normal AFL ladder side by side to the mythical one where the 'development teams', the GWS and Suns don't exist, updated for the final time after the completion of the 2012 season (round 23).

Again, some cosmetic changes are seen, this time both inside and outside the top 8.
In our opinion, there is very little change or advantage that teams have got by playing the development teams twice.

This is further endorsed by the table below of the top 8 teams against each other (as posted here yesterday).

With Adelaide being the key target of the 'soft draw' talk, a top 2 finish in the table where the development teams are removed, and a top 3 finish in finalists-only head-to-head matches indicates they are worthy of their finals berth.

Case closed.


  1. Would be interesting to see a table where the teams that play each other twice, those games are only given 2 pts for a win. So if teams wins both games then they get the max of 4 pts just any other game in the H&A