Sunday, 30 December 2012

◄150► BBLCricketMaths: Comes Alive

RESULTS 17 to 20, and MATCHES 21 to 24.
So its come to this...

Burning our 150th post on nonsense T20 games... Oh well. The beast that eats content needs feeding!

Results here, and that's another 3 from 4 accuracy on the tip this week! Season to date running at 55%.

Observant will note the Heat won, but lost ranking points. This is because our calculations determined that a 5 wicket win is a lesser result than to win by 16 runs.
Further investigations and discussions inside the Institute have found that the algorithm used is not tuned as well as it needed for T20, and the appropriate change will be made for next season

...if there is one! 

So, by our method puts the standings as:
Results in a table form                                   Rankings

The two Melbourne teams remain the clear leaders, Sydney is a putrid mess for the BBL administrators.

And the next matches tips are as below.

Two more close ones here, with the Scorchers getting a 0.068 run margin tipped... closest of the season!
Also, we incorrectly tweet-tipped the "Away team to win by 7 runs" in match 21. The home advantage was not nullified in that calculation, so the above 12 run margin is correct and true (as verified by Des Gleeson*).

* not really

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