Friday, 21 December 2012

BBLCricketMaths: The Hard Way (B)

RESULTS 9 to 12, AND MATCHES 13 to 16.
After the intellectual powerhouses at Cricket Australia HQ devised this no-round-aligned fixture, this set of 4 games brings you the Scorchers fronting up twice, and no show from the Stars. Nonetheless, our rankings calculate out even if teams do and don't play, so lets review!

Bur first, a BBL Philosophy 101 exam question:
If you hit a fixed grandstand roof anywhere, it's 6 runs. But if you hit a fixed roof, in an enclosed stadium (with a retractable roof) its a dead ball.

Lulz at the future of cricket.

Results here (and for you who must know, that's a 1 from 4 accuracy on the tip).

Which, by our method puts the standings as:
Results in a table form                                     Rankings

The Stars didn't play and remain top of our rankings heap, with one of last seasons basket cases (the other Melbourne team) are rocking up the charts now.

And the next matches tip are as below.

Note that once again (third round running) another game will have to tipped after a previous one is complete. This time it is Game 16 to be tipped later, after the Sixers are scheduled to go again after 2 days. To be updated Dec 22... maybe.

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