Friday, 4 January 2013

BBLCricketMaths: ...And Out

RESULTS 21 to 24, and MATCHES 25 to 28.
Another set of 4 games done, and we head next in tot he second to last set of 4, starting tonight.

Results here, and that's another 2 from 4 accuracy on the tip this week! Season to date running at 53%.

Highlight for the week (or less) was the second win by Sydney for the season... and you should read that as the second win for ANY of the Sydney teams.
And topping off that stat is that the only wins by a Sydney team (the Sixers) have come against the win-less Thunder.

As we said last week...
"Sydney is a putrid mess for the BBL administrators".

Also, now mathematically, as well as morally, the Thunder cant make the semi finals, and the Sixers will need to win both matches and hope other lose to make them as well.

So, by our method puts the standings as:
Results in a table form                                   Rankings

And because we do things differently here compared to BBL HQ... here is there table (click to expand).

Again, its Melbourne leading, followed by the smaller regional capital cities next.
Worth noting the NRR used at right creates a vastly different table, but as we explained last year, we cant be bother faffing about calculating these things, so we use a basic table for wins/losses, and our rankings table to monitor longer term trends.

And the next matches tips are as below.

Only the derby is a close one this week. Looking like easy wins to the Scorchers and Heat. Sixers lose that one and they too are out.

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