Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Affairs of State

In a previous post, we made mention of a priority for the AFL in year 2013. The AFL were prompted by Sydney Chairman Richard Colless' proposal and ...
"...confirmed it [the AFL] will hold a two-day summit before the start of the 2013 season bringing together the 18 presidents and chief executives."
The Age: "AFL's Ticking Time Bomb"

This was on the back of the Sydney Chairman's call for a "for a wide-ranging review of the competition and its structure."

Since we blogged our assessment and comment (on Jan 15) we have noticed the following two other serious items that are also on the AFL agenda.

Now, we are not going to dissect those serious affairs for the AFL HQ denizens to sort through, as they are very serious matters in deed for players and clubs to consider. After all safety and health issues should be paramount for every employer and its staff (for that is what the AFL and its players are).

But given the previous undertaking was promised, we do wonder when the AFL and its constituent clubs will be in a position to meet to discuss the very financial structures of the league itself.

To that end, the might of the AFL will be quivering under our spotlight, until answers are forthcoming...

We are still awaiting the AFL announcement on the meeting, or findings from the summit.
Until then lets assume they are following Gov. William J. LePetomaine's philosophy, that the "Affairs of state must take precedent over, uh, the affairs of state."

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