Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tweeting In The Wind

After posting and tweeting this, we were contacted by @Stevo7AFL who stated...
So, as it stands, the original tweet was linked to a news story, which is not available on the 7News website, and a transcript has not been made available as of yet, 

A rather interesting tweet from @Stevo7AFL bobbed up in our feed (which is interesting itself as we don't follow that account), and it is added here for reference.

We instantly favourited that tweet, knowing that in the past the AFL has...
1.   Mentioned a pre-season meeting of club executives to iron out financial disparities, and
2.   Not replied to any of our tweeted questions regarding the proposed scheduling of that meeting.  

Our interest in this matter is of course 'on record' over at the following posts...
The New Football Arms Race
The Affairs of State
...and even in other codes, such as the A-League
The Off-Field War: Another Front

So, over the past three days we have studied the recorded digital media, and have yet to find anything that we can access that backs up that tweet.
     - A Google News search yielded nil.
     - A search of both the Yahoo7Sport and TripleM Melbourne pages (his
       employers according to his twitter bio) yielded nil.
     - The Official AFL twitter account also, in the time from the Mark Stevens
       tweet has no mention of Peter Gordon.

So, this tweet sits there, on its own, drifting off into the universe.

...Much like our calls to the AFL to get this issue at least talked about.

Its an issue that needs addressing. Peter Gordon, if the tweet above is correct, will continue to put heat on the AFL.
It is the very same "AFL Commission and executive (that) responded to (Sydney Swans Chariman Richard) Colless' call for a wide-ranging review of the competition and its structure by confirming it would hold a two-day summit before the start of the 2013 season." (from here)

This is not at all a sledge to @Stevo7AFL... quite the contrary.
We are right behind the push by Peter Gordon and Richard Colless for frank and open discussion and reform, and take great interest in when this will happen and reportage from those meetings.

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