Friday, 22 March 2013

01- Goes to Eleven

The first round of the season has been dialed up to 11... days that is.
Given another decade or so, we expect the AFL to jigsaw the fixture such that the whole of Round 1 is played from March 1 to March 31.

Lets also remember that the fixture was released on 31 October 2012, but would have had much more work put into it during the previous months.
With that said, in the era of the AFL talking about club integrity, that the game of the first round of the season must be the greatest coincidence in VFL/AFL history.
Kicking off the season: the Adelaide "Salary Cap Rorters" (news broke on October 26, 2012) v the Essendon "Drug Cheats" (news broke on February 2, 2013).
[HT to SJH Ross for that idea]

Integrity, defined!

Just two games to start off...

Two close games, with the DerbyDarby looking the best.
And we tip Adelaide by 33 points, unless "the fix is in".

The Mezzoculo Index* for past-form and predicted-future looks a little like this.

* A teams position on the rungs above indicates how they have gone in the last 5 weeks... if a team is higher on the scale, its been on fire. If a team is at the bottom, they have cooled off and lacking form.
The size of the team marker indicates how we think they will run for the next 3 games... the bigger the marker, the more likely to win. Named after the blog commenter that suggested it.

This season, all AFL games should go to 11.

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