Monday, 18 March 2013

Brownlow Coaches

This season, as was the same last year, there are three Brownlow medalists at the helm of three clubs.
What makes this year different is that one of them, the more unlikely of the three given last seasons data, has broken through, and guided his team in to the AFL 'silverware' cupboard and made off with the NAB Cup.

The three coaches are of course, Michael Voss, James Hird (1996 winners) and Nathan Buckley (2003). They are also the first three Brownlow Medalist coaches since Bernie Quinlan, who won the medal in 1981, and was coaxed by his old team to coach in 1995.

So with Voss' Brisbane Lions winning the NAB Cup, this tweet question was asked...
And with a short evenings researching, we complied the table as below;

So, choosing to define a 'great coach', the most obvious measure is Premiership success, and Brother Amos got one of the greats in Malcolm Blight, but missed the most successful, Dick Reynolds. Three Brownlows to his name, and backed up with 4 flags and 12 Grand Finals appearances.

Further to that list, there are 20 names, and only 5 have winning rates better than evens (+50%), and another three are on 50%.

To date, the majority of Brownlow medalists have not gone on to be great coaches.
Even the other triple Brownlow medalists, Ian Stewart, Hayden Bunton and Bob Skilton have all tried their hand with little result.

The remaining Brownlow medalists listed below, have never (or are yet to) coach a VFL or AFL game.


  1. Surprisingly few Brownlow medallists have gone on to become coaches. Hopefully someone will hire Aker and boost the ratio.

    1. Not sure Aker is the right approach, and looking at the recent Brownlow winners, you would be hard pressed to find a handful that will go on coach...
      - Simon Black?
      - Mark Ricciuto?
      - Adam Goodes?
      - Jimmy Bartel?

      ...and I'm done.