Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Jump-er Faith

Since 1897, 8 clubs or more ran around on weekends at the elite level in the colours that they had carried for over 100 years. Sub elite football also flourished, in the level just below (or even competing with) the VFL/AFL, as well as in Suburban and Country leagues, Amateur leagues and at junior levels.

Somehow, in among all those games, everyone that should have known, did know... which team was which on the day, home or away.

Yet, we are still faced with the AFL 'request' to clubs... please devise an 'alternate' (or clash) jumper. Presumably so that supporters can be clear about which team is which, or alternatively, to create a sale-able item to boost the coffers.

The twitter account AFLClashPolicy is red hot on the issue of clash jumpers, often tweeting about where clash jumpers have been worn, should have been worn when not, or have been worn when they shouldn't as they create an even worse visual effect.
And these tweets prompted this posts release:

Of the current 'clash' jumpers going around, we think the Footscray home and away combination is the best. It is a simple, clean and elegant reversal of its club colours, while retaining the integrity of their new, old, jumper design. It also brings the club colours to the back of the jumper, with the hoops continuing around the back.

Now, in a jump of faith (as opposed to 'leap', because Jump works better in the post title), lets assume all power on this issue is apportioned to the AFL, and the edict is handed down... no if, buts or maybes...
"Thou shall wear change kits as decreed by us"

Using the Bulldogs template, for reasons below, here are some clash jumpers for all the other AFL teams.

 Adelaide and Brisbane
 Carlton and Collingwood
Essendon and Fremantle
Geelong and the Gold Coast
GWS and Hawthorn 

 Melbourne and North Melbourne
 Port Adelaide and Richmond
 Sydney and St Kilda
 West Coast

Basing the designs on the Western Bulldogs away jumper provides:
 - a predominately white jumper which them gives games as Light v Dark (as per NBA, NFL, FIFA etc).
 - the two hoops of colour provide for each club to carry over their traditional colours to the clash jumper, AND as the hoops continue to the back of the jumper, it gives the club colours 360 degree exposure. This is a benefit that the Bulldogs jumpers bring that Fremantle and Port Adelaide don't (see below).

Footnote 1:
YES, this involves a huge suspension of reality, and it will never be implemented. But don't they look great? Simple, clean. A 6 year old could draw players wearing those with ease.
Further, We don't want clash jumpers decreed at all... as per the preamble, the code and clubs have existed for decades without confusion. There is no real need to implement clash jumpers. The only issue we have is the hodge-podge of jumper designs, the unclear use of clash jumpers (seemingly on an ad-hoc basis), and the lack of strength from the AFL on implementing the policy.

Footnote 2:
Those of you with keen eyes will note that the clash jumpers of Carlton and Geelong, as well as St. Kilda and Essendon are the same or very similar. This shouldn't be much of an issue as when those clubs meet, one of them will be in traditional colours.

Footnote 3:
Two other designs we like are those of the Dockers and Power. Again, they follow the 'reversal of colours, but maintain design' approach, but there is a lack of distinctive marks on the back knocks them down a peg, for our way of thinking.


  1. Every away club wears bright green leprechaun suits. Boom. Settled.

    1. There is an idea! Great for growing the game into Ireland.

  2. They certainly are simple and clean - I like the idea, even if the AFL wont. Would also support bright green leprechaun suits.

    1. What's that Skip? An idea that is logical, Skip?

      ... taking the leprechaun suits a step further, get all the away teams to dress as per club mascots... big round Suns all over the field... guys tripping over long Kangaroo tails...