Friday, 5 April 2013

02- Normal Transmission Resumed

Yep, normality restored in the form of;
- The intellectually inspired idea by the boffins at AFL HQ... play St Kilda v Richmond at the MCG, not at St Kilda's home ground (Docklands) but at Richmond's*.
Inspired logic that only those ensconsed down at Fort AFL, The Docks could ever come up with.
- Give the reigning premier, Sydney, another free kick inside 50 this week. After the non-event that was playing the GWS, to this week meet the Gold Coast in Sydney.
- Further the bank balances of power clubs such as Collingwood and Carlton by bringing the bockbusters early, before the bubble burst and fans flock to avoid football all together.
Life... back to normal.

* Yep, in this day and age almost all Victorian teams have no significant home advantage when playing other local teams.
No need for comment from the hoi-poloi.
...If you must though, then please send the the usual hate mail (containing stamped, self-addressed envelope) to Young Gil, c/o AFL House in your capital city.

Only one close one predicted, which would imply this week should be a good one for tipping... but after last week - who knows!

Quite unusual to have only one single figure prediction (the West Coast -v- Hawthorn game) along with a high proportion of the games over 18 point margins.

The other key fixture note: Last season, Essendon hosted a demoralized Melbourne, on a Saturday night at the MCG in June. That game inflicted a certain palsy in the Bombers, as the Dees picked up a great win, and threw the Bombers season into a tailspin.
Lets hope this Saturday Night brings another mare for the yet-to-be-cleared-of-wrongdoing Bombers.

PS... no other commentary on the Collingwood -v- Carlton clash here... Plenty of that dross in the popular press.

The Mezzoculo Index* for past form and predicted future looks a little like this.

* A teams position on the rungs above indicates how they have gone in the last 5 weeks... if a team is higher on the scale, its been on fire. If a team is at the bottom, they have cooled off and lacking form.
The size of the team marker indicates how we think they will run for the next 3 games... the bigger the marker, the more likely to win.

Examples of how to read the chart:
 - Essendon are sitting at the bottom of the chart, currently in the middle of a 5 game form slump (though last week has improved their position). We have allocated a moderately large circle, though, as we see them most likely to win some of the next three games (v-Melbourne, v-Fremantle and v-St Kilda).
 - Carlton have mid table form from the last 5 games, but their draw is difficult for the next three games (v-Collingwood, v-Geelong, v-West Coast) so they have a very small circle. 

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