Friday, 19 April 2013

04- Tank? No. Dank!

Once again, as we write another weeks tips, we are faced with more revelations from Stephen Dank and injections at Essendon ...wait, what!?! Melbourne is linked to Dank? Well there you have it folks. Proof positive that phoney anti-aging medicine has no affect (refer to this previously published guest post for more on anti-aging "science").
   - Cronulla consulted with Dank in 2011, and were no where near a finals berth in the NRL,
   - Essendon used Dank through 2012, and fell in a heap in the second half of the season,
   - Dank provided Melbourne with supplements in the 2012-13 off season, and we all know where they are this year.

Find us a game this week where there is nothing to be played for?
You can't.
It's a belter of a week of footy.
Every game has relevance.

Port Adelaide, sorry, undefeated Port Adelaide, get the nod for the narrow win this week, by just three points.
Otherwise, there are two games under 2 goal margins (Tigers v Magpies and Saints v Bombers).
At the far end of the scale, the biggest margin predicted is 53pts to Adelaide over the Bulldogs.

No. Blow-outs. Predicted.

The Mezzoculo Index* for past form and predicted future looks a little like this.

The Bombers bubble continues to rise, as does Port Adelaide's. The Dees are almost slipping off the bottom of the page. While we expect Melbourne to win against the GWS (by the size of Melbourne's bubble), the Giants are performing significantly better. A very interesting game.

All this hubbub around who and what was injected... when the ASADA findings are finally released...

 * A teams position on the rungs above indicates how they have gone in the last 5 weeks... if a team is higher on the scale, its been on fire. If a team is at the bottom, they have cooled off and lacking form.
The size of the team marker indicates how we think they will run for the next 3 games... the bigger the marker, the more likely to win.

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