Friday, 26 April 2013

05 redux- Also Four Points

All of these games here are also worth four points.

Yet seemingly the effort on the field, the courage and endevour displayed, is not worthy of being linked to that displayed by the Anzacs. The teams receive no trophies, nor any medals. These are restricted, off limits.

So nice of the AFL... the 'custodians of the game'. The peoples game.
The game that the AFL commission oversee to be free and open to all players, of all shapes and sizes, of all cultures and religions. That is accepting of indigenous players as well as players with their heritage derived globally. The game that is open to women, and respectful of the roles that can play in the game.

So nice of them to exclude 82% of their clubs members# in marking Australia's (and New Zealand's) special day with Anzac Day tributes.

And of course, lets not forget that the footballing 'Anzac tradition' was not restricted to 2 teams, until 1995.

Another week without a blow-out tipped, but you might see the Cats give that a nudge.

Carlton v Adelaide are the close game of the week, followed by Fremantle and Richmond.

The Mezzoculo Index* for past form and predicted future for the remaining games on Anzac Day looks a little like this.

* A teams position on the rungs above indicates how they have gone in the last 5 weeks... if a team is higher on the scale, its been on fire. If a team is at the bottom, they have cooled off and lacking form.
The size of the team marker indicates how we think they will run for the next 3 games... the bigger the marker, the more likely to win.

# Reference: this BigFooty page on club memberships, and note the 82% includes all club members except Collingwood and Essendon, who are the historical beneficiaries of the AFL's largess in this regard.
And yes, we acknowledge that clubs will still perform tributes on  match day, but it does not carry quite the same emotional impact.

Numbers used here for reference (as they can change):

2013 Membership Totals (as of 23/4/2013)
Collingwood - 70,000+ (Target - 75,000)
Hawthorn - 59,474 (Target - 65,000)
West Coast - 57,333
Richmond - 55,671 (Target - 60,000)
Essendon - 50,766 (Target - 50,000)
Adelaide - 45,000+ (Target - 50,000)
Carlton - 43,414 (Target - 50,000)
Fremantle - 40,000+
Port Adelaide - 38,085
Geelong - 37,887
Sydney - 33,172 (Target - 37,000)
North Melbourne - 31,823 (Target - 40,000)
St. Kilda - 31,811
Melbourne - 30,723 (Target - 40,000)
Western Bulldogs - 26,474
Brisbane Lions- 21,516
Greater Western Sydney - 11,909
Gold Coast - 11,736

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