Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Editorial: Its a Moral

This month, I received offer for advertising on these (farcical) pages.
Like a bolt from the blue... completely unexpected and unsolicited.

The blog was intended to be ad-free from day one, but after more than 1 year of this distracting from my work and family life, I now will consider advertising, advertisers and the dollars (cents?) that could flow.
Who knows, if I get the flick from work, the cash could be handy   ... to buy a pack of TicTacs.

All that said, the offer was gambling related, and I can't accept that. 

Family members have had their lives affected by gambling and the addiction that often accompanies it. It was a moral choice.

And yes, I understand that running a tipping predictor can be considered enabling sports betting. But in the end, its your choice to act on the numbers or not. I encourage people tip and think differently about football, but no more. 

The advertising offer may have been a pathway to profit, and I may have turned down a chance in a lifetime.
... but no, I cant have that on my website.

In the full spectrum of choices between 'Sophies Choice' and 'Redoute's Choice', lets say it was closer to the latter.

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