Friday, 3 May 2013

06- Summertime...

... and the tipping is easy?

Apart from the usual sloppy writing, poorly constructed arguments and unintelligible humour that normally accompanies this blog, this weeks edition of the tips is going out on a limb to declare this week of football being served up to be the "WINNER of the Slop Stakes".

This week, round 6, appears in our system to be the biggest schemozzle of a weekends footy for the year. Our analysis suggests this round has this seasons;
 - greatest rankings disparity between teams,
 - on average, the greatest tipped margins for the year.

 All this makes for good tipping, but possible train-wreck slop-fest of football all weekend.  So good is this round for tipping that the Footytips page swing-o-meter for the week looks like this...

The close one kicks us off on Friday night. The Pies get the nod over the Saints by 8 points. From then on it is a down hill slide with only Richmond v Geelong being tipped by under 3 goals.
The round finishes off on Sunday with three games, spread around the country, and all tipped for 9 goal margins or more. Crap-tacular!

So your Sunday plans should involve getting out of the house...
Do some work in the garden? A trip to the Zoo? Winery tour? Golf round?
Weather for Sunday (as of Thursday via Bureau of Meteorology)
...well, Melbourne people might think twice about heading outside, as usual.

This weeks  Mezzoculo Index (bubbles higher up = in good form from past 5 weeks, smaller bubbles = not expected to win next 3 games):

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