Friday, 24 May 2013

09- Colours of Your Jumpers

Indigenous Round must keep the boys at busy, as its another season of new designs and fresh takes on old themes.

We can't say we know who was first to come up with an special Indigenous Round jumper (possibly Richmond, as blown-out of proportion by that Bernie Finn kerfuffle), but this round sees three teams with special jumpers.
And we at the entirely non-artistically trained FootyMaths Institute now proudly present our guide to Indigenous Round jumpers, including our unique (and copyrighted) artistic scoring system.

Image from Adelaide FC website
Altering their base jumper colour from navy blue to black makes the obvious leap to the colours of the Koori flag.
Simple. Effective. Respectful to both club and people.
3 Stars minus 1 Ken Done head-on-a-stick for the other awful clash jumper they play in.

Image from Fremantle FC website
Modifying their standard triple V yolk into three boomerangs is clever (if somewhat 1970's kitsch),
The other, softer purple motifs somewhat confuse the design, but also add some more artistic quality that we are sure goes over our heads.
3 Stars plus a Prue Acton designed sweater for the 60's kitsch boomerang throwback. 

Image from Richmond FC website
Another effort from Richmond, and possibly their best yet of their three 'Dreamtime' guernseys. Following on from those, the modification again comes to the yellow sash, and like the Dockers, it includes boomerangs.
Keeping the design minimal (as in, only inside the sash) is a big bonus for us.
3 Stars plus a Prue Acton designed sweater for the 60's kitsch boomerang throwback, plus a Sidney Nolan print of a footballer.

We love them all... So Bernie Finn, go take a running jump.

And now, back to footy.

 Its the AFL scheduling at its best this week, with the prime time Friday and Saturday night games as the two close ones through our predictor.

With Sydney stung by the loss last week, and Essendon wounded by going down twice in a row, these games could be any ones.
But we have to call it, and we call it as Collingwood to win by 5 and the Tigers by 4.

Elsewhere, there looks to be
 - a bruising coming for GWS at the hands of the Eagles,
 - a loss to the improving Suns as they face our clearly best ranked Hawthorn,
 - and another big loss for Melbourne against the Dockers.
Worth noting though the improved Melbourne performance last week, and the less that sterling reputation for  attacking football that Ross Lyon's teams play, that the margin in this game could be less.

North Melbourne and Adelaide looks a good one to round out the weekend too. North have been unlucky and would be expecting to win this at home.

Teams form-lines are starting to flatten out now, with a few outliers still present, but the distance is reduced. Port Adelaide take over as the best performed of recent weeks, and their bubble indicates expectations of more wins ahead. Hawthorn, in the middle series of games against the three weaker teams are not running so hot, and also the bubble indicates a tougher time ahead than, say, Geelong.

Finally, more culture - Archie Roach.

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