Friday, 31 May 2013

10- The Courtship Of Eddie's Favour

A sizeable proportion of this weekends preview might need a post of its own, but pressed for time, we have slotted it in here anyway. If you don't like the politics of footy, hit page down a few times to get to the tips.

We have already written about the Goodes Affair, and had a contribution from the Preston Institute about Eddies latter contribution via his radio gaffe.
Today there are more articles worth reading. Try these on for size.

From Outside the Football Media:
Andrew Rule: Eddie McGuire a victim of morning sickness
"Anyone who thinks that's easy should try it. Exhausted shift workers can be just as "out of it" as someone who has been drinking or taken drugs. Mix that with early morning radio and it's a recipe for calamity."

From A Sports 'Story' Journalist:
Martin Flanagan: Contemplate the works of a man, not the madness
"As for Eddie, I doubt anyone regrets what he said more than he does. In the context of the drama that played out over the preceding few days, a drama in which he had been a player, it was an error of epic proportions. There is a quote from Euripides, the ancient Greek dramatist: ''Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad.'' Eddie had his moment of madness. He says he was tired. He looked tired."

With Eddie McGuire, we are talking about a football personality larger than most (if not all) in the game. Powerful in the media, with multiple avenues to get his opinions and wants communicated.
Print, radio, television. Eddie carries media clout.

He has the backing of the loyal members of the biggest club in the land, which is quite a big stick to carry into AFL meetings. Combine that with the ability to communicate the desires of the club, and he is possibly the most prominant footballing business personality, outside AFL HQ.

But, the question for the AFL, both here in this case and any interactions with the Essendon 'supplements' affair, is this... Is an individual bigger than the game?
The AFL Commission was bought into existence to govern the code separate from Club influences. Is this another test of resolve for the Commission and how it handles not only club actions, but also individual stakeholders?

Try reading this (the whole article, not just the extract below)...
Opinion From A Football Journalist:
Caroline Wilson: Face it, Eddie is one of the AFL's untouchables
"Collingwood will not suspend McGuire any more than Essendon will stand down James Hird. Had McGuire's name been Greg Westaway (St Kilda) or Steve Harris (Fremantle) he would have stepped down by now at the very least pending a racial vilification charge - which Demetriou confirmed for McGuire on Thursday.
Had Matthew Knights, not Hird, overseen the pharmacologically experimental program at Essendon, ...  then he would be finished."

All of this makes you wonder about the drivers and motivations. Or as one tweeter put it... the narrative.

Three close ones this week, balanced out by three +10 goal predictions.
Oh well... such is the season we have this year.

Things of interest:
The old difference engine decides that Port Adelaide should win by 4 points in Darwin. The recent record of the the Bulldogs implies a different result, as they are undefeated there since 2007 (5 games) and have defeated Port Adelaide three time in a row, with an average margin of 10 goals!

It has also marked up North Melbourne for a close win, but given their recent track record, will they actually hold off the Saints?

Also, for the first time this year, Geelong have their 'home advantage' activated, as they play down at Kardinia Park. Given that the 'home advantage' affects the predicted margin, then we see the Gold Coast as quite worthy opponents this year.


This weeks Mezzoculo Index re-inforces our comment about the performance of the Suns this year, as they are clearly the best performed over the past 5 weeks. We still don't see them winning many games (as per the circle size), but with that sort of form, they are a real chance.

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